Sketacraft Adventure


The zip contains all you need to run the server. Just unpack and run the startserver.bat file.

The server is run with KCauldron. This mean that it supports bukkit/spigot plugins so if you want to
play with some friends or put it up as a true server you can add permissionsplugin, warps, teleports, vault
(money) or whatever you like.

Plugins I know work great with this is:
PermissionEx, LWC, Dynmap, Towny (or GriefPrevention), Serversigns, Multiverse, Lockette, Herochat, Worldguard,
WorldEdit, Worldborder, Vault, McMMO (but it's a lot of work), MondoChest, Quests (CustomNPC make this kinda useless),
BOSEconomy, ChestShop.

Many more. Trial and error is the way to go. ;)

Download Server: SketaCraft-server_2.9.rar

This page is written in notepad using pure html code as used on webpages 1997 :P